Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency

Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
Release year:
Meeting type:
Regional Conference
Date held:
27. 10. 2010.
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17 x 24 cm
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  1. Momir Djurović: The energy solutions we seek
  2. Branko Vujović: Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
  3. Bosiljka Vuković: “Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency” Regional Conference
  4. Giorgio Rosso Cicogna: A Long-term Strategy for Ecofriendly Energy
  5. Mladen Ilić, Simeon Oka: The possibility and problems of using biomass for energy production
  6. Maks Babuder, Andrej Souvent, Gregor Omahen: Distributed and Centralized Energy Systems – System Aspects of Electricity Demand-Meeting Management
  7. Zijo Pašić: On the efficiency of wind generators and solar cells
  8. Gligor H. Kanevce: Utilization of the renewable energy sources in the Republic of Macedonia – Present status and perspectives
  9. Zdenko Šimić: State and Prospects of Renewable Energy Sources Use in Croatia
  10. Sergey Zinoviev, Stanislav Miertus: Next Generation Biofuels: Why, What, How, When? ICS-UNIDO programme and activities in the field
  11. Vladica Božić: Waste as renewable and sustainable energy source in the Republic of Serbia
  12. Sarah Rieseberg: 100% renewable electricity supply by 2050
  13. Dragoljub Mirjanić: Renewable energy sources in Republic of Srpska – the using of wind power
  14. Igor Kovačević, Lucija Rakočević: Creating the ambient for sustainable economic development of Montenegro through the projects of renewable energy sources
  15. Nenad Kažić: Renewable Source of Energy (RSE) versa Heating& Cooling (H&C) of Buildings
  16. Daniele Agostini: The challenges in renewable energy regulation
  17. Ilija Vujošević: Managing of power systems including renewables
  18. Petr Křenek, Milan Řípa: Fusion Research in the Czech Republic – Contribution to Future Energy Prospects
  19. Branko Glavonjić: Opportunities, challenges and current progress with developing woody biomass fuels application in Montenegro