MASA–EMAN Symposium — Culture, Technology and Humanism

Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network (EMAN)
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4–6. 10. 2018
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17 x 24 cm
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  1. Dragan K. Vukčević: Opening remarks
  2. Pavao Rudan: Towards a flourishing scientific cooperation through the Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network (EMAN)
  3. Aleksandar Bogdanović: Symposium dedicated to culture, technology and humanism
  4. Saša Brajović: The Mediterranean identity and continuity of Montenegro. A visual culture perspective
  5. Ilija Vujacic: Multiculturalism as central feature of Montenegrin history and modernity
  6. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev: Multiculturalism: Dead or never fully practiced?
  7. Katica Ќulavkova: The spatial and temporal nostalgia for the Mediterranean (through examples from Macedonian poetry)
  8. Dejana Prnjat: Culture and Communication: A Look at the Hellenistic Mediterranean
  9. Mladen Juračić: Eastern Adriatic geological heritage — a potential of coastal karst
  10. Liliana Simeonova: The City of Bar in the Tenth through the Twelfth Century
  11. Vlado Kambovski: Culture of ius naturale and challenges of post-industrial society
  12. Georgi Dimov: Slavic Migrations to South Italy in the Early Middle Ages
  13. Vitomir Mitevski: Destiny of humanity today between techne and sophia
  14. Branislava Peruničić: Sarajevo School of Automatics
  15. Khedidja Allia: Environmental and health impacts of hydraulic fracturing
  16. Neki Frasheri, Salvatore Bushati: Civilizations, Economies, and Environment Impact Evaluation via Remote Sensing
  17. Igor Đurović: Impact of artificial intelligence to society
  18. Yohanan Friedmann: Muslim minorities — a historical survey
  19. Lorenzo Gascón: An Arduous and Essential Task: Coexistence and Integration
  20. Yehia Halim Zaky: Changing Times