Role of National Science Academies in the 21st Century

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Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
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International Conference
Date held:
10–12. 10. 2008.
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17 x 24 cm
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  1. Universal Declaration
  2. Prof. Momir Djurović: On the occasion of Opening of the Conference „Role of National Science Academies in the 21stCentury”
  3. Mr. Milo Djukanović: Address at the Opening of the Conference „Role of National Science Academies in the 21st Century”
  4. Dr. Janez Potočnik: Video Message
  5. Prof. Mohamed H. A. Hassan: Opening Remarks
  6. Dr. Gilbert Fayl: Opening Address
  7. Prof. Mohamed H. A. Hassan: Promoting the Role of Merit-Based Science Academies
  8. Dr. Howard Moore: Academies, International Partnerships and Interdisciplinarity
  9. Prof. Jüri Engelbrecht: ALLEA unites National Academies in Europe
  10. Prof. Namik Kemal Aras:  Functioning of AASA Towards the Sustainable Development in AASA Countries
  11. Prof. Baerbel Friedrich: The Role of National Academies of Sciences in Modern Societies
  12. Prof. Janos Frühling: The Role of Traditional Academies of Medicine and of the FEAM at the beginning of 21st Century
  13. Prof. Muhamed Filipović: Role of National Academy in Producing Outstanding Intellectual Achievements
  14. Prof. Leszek Kaczmarek: Polish Academy of Sciences and the Excellence of People
  15. Dr. Martin Bohle with contributions from Dr. Jens Hemmelskamp, Kerstin Zachmann: Seen from the Workbench – Capacity Building for Excellence
  16. Prof. Jiří Drahoš: Excellency and Transformation of the Institutes of the ASCR to Public Research Institutions
  17. Prof. József Pálinkás: Academy and Youth
  18. Prof. Erich Hoedl: Educating Youth for the European Knowledge Society
  19. Prof. Bojan Šoptrajanov: National Academies and National Strategies
  20. Prof. Gudar Beqiraj, Prof. Salvatore Bushati: Reform of Academy of Sciences of Albania and Youth
  21. Dr. Ana Martinho: Role of National Academies in the 21st century
  22. Prof. Carlo Rizzuto: European Initiatives for Research Infrastructures
  23. Prof. Alexander D. Nekipelov: The State and Academic Community: the Russian Model
  24. Mr. Vladimir Mayer: Recent Evolution in the Academies of Sciences of the Post-Soviet Countries
  25. Shukri Ab. Wahab & Nasaruddin Rahman: Fostering a Culture of Excellence in STI for the Youth: Role of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia
  26. Prof. Pavel Kratochvíl: Science and Ethics in the Academe
  27. Dr. Ain-Elmar Kaasik: The Role of Publishers, Funders and Research Institutions in Research Integrity
  28. Prof. Ljubiša Rakić: The Academy and Integrity
  29. Prof. Ľubomír Faĺtan, Prof. Ján Slezák: Academies and Integration – Slovak Circumstances
  30. Prof. Ionel Haiduc: The Academy in the Society
  31. Prof. Andrejs Silins: The Need for Policy Advice and Requisites of Advisory Activity
  32. Prof. Mehmet Özdoğan: Changing Globular Trends Demanding New Commitments and Undertakings
  33. Prof. S. Anguelov, Prof. St. Hadjitodorov: Academy as Warrantor of Objectivity, Impartiallity and Excellence in Policy Advice
  34. Prof. Momir Djurović, in chair: Adoption of Podgorica Declaration