Globalism vs. Nationalism

Volume I

Globalisam naspram nacionalizma
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Knjiga I
Crnogorska akademija nauka i umjetnosti
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Međunarodna konferencija
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2–3. 11. 2017.
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17 x 24 cm
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  1. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza: Opening remarks
  2. Felix Unger: Globalism versus Nationalism
  3. Gilbert Fayl: Opening words
  4. Momir Djurovic: The Ideological Struggle of 21st Century: Nationalism vs. Globalism
  5. Veaceslav Ursachi: Sustainable Development Through Open Science and Innovation (Abstract)
  6. Rodolfo A. Fiorini: Perceived Uncertainties and Political Supremacy
  7. Zdravko Mlinar: Global Social Transformation and the Role of the Social Sciences
  8. Vesna Vučinić: Publishing in Anthropology on the National and Global Levels: Outline of a Strategy for Combating the Hegemony
  9. Nebojša Nešković: National, International and Global Approaches to Science and Technology
  10. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis: Globalism & Nationalism — The Two Sides of the Coin of Survival
  11. Saša Brajović: Between Global and National: Representation of Montenegrins in the 19th Century
  12. Ana Sokolovska, Ljupco Kocarev: Fairness, Privacy and Accountability of Algorithms and Their Impacts on Human Rights
  13. Gojko Čelebić: Where Do the Borders Go?
  14. Fadwa El Guindi: De-Abstracting the Paradigm Globalism vs. Nationalism
  15. Lorenzo Gascon: Globalism is unstoppable, but…
  16. Ulric Fayl von Hentaller, Gilbert Fayl, Ivo Grga: Why is the European Union Being Deconstructed? Or is the EU Just the Frog in the Well?
  17. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev: Globalism and Nationalism: Two Sides of the Same Coin? (Abstract)
  18. Jüri Engelbrecht: The Role of Education in Globalization
  19. Mehmet Niyazi Tanılır: Local causes, global consequences — global causes, local consequences: The impact of global migrant and refugee crisis on globalism and nationalism
  20. Branko Boskovic: Welfare State in Europe as a Response to Nationalism and Populism
  21. Garry Jacobs: The Political Economy of Neoliberalism and Illiberal Democracy
  22. Saulo José Casali Bahia: Multiculturalism: Between Globalism and Nationalism (Abstract)
  23. Winston P. Nagan: Nationalism, Globalization and First Nations
  24. Alexander Likhotal: The World in Transit: Going Beyond Myopic Visions
  25. Thomas Reuter: Unity in Diversity: Why We Need to Do Justice to Local Characteristics and Identities While also Cultivating a Sense of Global Citizenship
  26. Mirjana Radović-Marković: Multicultural Business Environment and Diversity Management
  27. Ivo Šlaus: “It is absurd to believe that everything is going to change, but politics will and can remain the same”
  28. Rajendra K. Pachauri: Climate Change: Grassroots Initiatives for Global Solutions
  29. Heron José de Santana Gordilho: Indigenous Peoples and Multiculturalism (Abstract)
  30. Oksana Sljusarenko: The Earth House
  31. Ruben Nelson: Back to Square One: Re-imagining Multiculturalism (Abstract)
  32. Alberto Zucconi: Nationalism or Globalism? Can be both part of the problem or of the solution; the important issue is: How to facilitate the development of sustainable narratives and identities? (Abstract)
  33. Negoslav P. Ostojic: Between Europe and the Middle East The Current Challenge (Abstract)